This is my blog to share with you my thoughts on nature at its best and worst, fledging thoughts on animals, plants and yes, fungi. The yard is bustling with activity from my pets to chipmunks and cardinals. Let's see what grows, survives and thrives this summer @ Shamrock!

Succulent Glory

The heat of the Livermore, CA climate has only allowed my daughter to grow succulents on her deck. These two photos were taken when I was visiting her at the end of May. As a biologist, I am intrigued by the shape and form of these plants. In the top photo I was thrilled to see the silvery grey, green leaves that grow outward in radial symmetry. Such perfection can be found in nature, as there are few blemishes, if any on the leaves. The bottom photos shows her little garden and the other species that occupy the space. While there, I purchased a new succulent for her birthday, called a split rock. It looks just like a rock has been split into two pieces and new growth comes from the middle of the split. Awesome!

Succulent Information:Succulent (Latin: succos = juice, sap) plants from more than 60 families and 300 genera have evolved special water-storage tissues in thickened or swollen leaves, stems or roots as an adaptation to arid environments. By making the most of scarce available moisture, succulents can survive in habitats that are far too dry for most other plants.

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